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You can also go ahead and order your hat today, just click to request a tape measure when you are asked for your head size. The hat in the photos is 23 (hat size), brim about 2 inches, crown height 4 inches measured on the side from the brim to the top of the dimple. This hat was made as a special request for a client who’s a financial whiz by day and a blues player by night. I first saw a Panama hat homburg on George Kennedy in . These hats are quite literally the stuff of legends.

If you don’t have a tape measure, send me an email and I’ll send you one of my hat size tape measures and a few suggestions to help you measure your head accurately. [email protected] Include your regular mailing address; the tape measure cannot be emailed. Another example: If you’re dating two brilliant, beautiful women and can’t decide between them, send them both to me. So I call them skinny-brim hats instead of stingy-brim hats. Wear this hat into an interesting bar and others will buy your drinks just to find out what’s up with the hat. After I finished the first Big Daddy, I immediately started another one. I used some of these taller hat bodies to make Montecristi Top Hats. Wear one around London in the summer and sooner or later someone will offer to buy it right off your head. If you decide to wear the spats I have 14 hats with weave counts of 1600 to 2500/sq in.

__This is really hard for me to say — I am devoted to the wearing of glitter makeup.

But even I know: On a first date, an interview, or anytime I need to actually impress, I wear normal-person makeup.

Here’s what we’ve learned about the most successful online dating photos from our research, data and matching teams: The Amount Counts We pulled stats to date from 2013, and people who uploaded 4 or more photos received the most inquiries (communication) from their matches.

Interestingly, women tend to post more pics than men (at a ratio of 6.4 vs. Men also reach out and initiate communication 67% of the time.

) A very wide, far away shot also rated on the poor side of the communication spectrum. To the Left A study out of Wake Forest University suggests that photos featuring the left side of the face are perceived by others as more pleasant when compared with pictures featuring the right side of the face (who knew! This is good news for those who may not have a great picture of their left side – simply make a quick edit so that it appears to be facing the other way. Another study (Tracy & Beall, 2011) looked at the gender differences in ratings of attractiveness of different emotion expressions.

I offer five different Fedora styles of Montecristi Panama hats. It is, to me, the most elegant, most classic of all. But after the cane is cut or the cotton is picked, and it’s time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor, perhaps with a rum punch or mint julep in hand, this is the hat to be sitting under. Odds are, no one else at the party will be wearing this style. This is not the style to wear if you do not want to be noticed. If you’re a private detective following someone and you don’t want them to see you, leave the Greenstreet at home. As soon as we saw the combination we knew it was a winner. If this hat had been my size, I would have been sorely tempted to start on a new hat for Andy. I just got this new color (Happy Gray) and wanted to see it on a hat. When I made up this sample, it didn’t want to be my size, and I let it have its way. NOTE: I only have a couple of dozen hat bodies with brims this short, so I may not be able to make every size in each price. Everyone is drinking, peering into their screens and swiping on the faces of strangers they may have sex with later that evening. “Ew, this guy has Dad bod,” a young woman says of a potential match, swiping left.Her friends smirk, not looking up.“Tinder sucks,” they say. At a booth in the back, three handsome twentysomething guys in button-downs are having beers.Because even guys who say they don't care about clothes kind of do.Here's what some of my guy friends said when I asked them were first date fashion no-nos:__Anything too revealing.__Short skirts, cleavage-bearing anything.

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