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Confirmed cast members include Hencha Voigt, Claudia Sampedro, Vanessa Cole, Ashley Nicole Roberts, Darnell Nicole, Astrid Bavaresco, and Metisha Schaefer.Their official profiles are featured — as well as a first-look teaser — are featured below: Hencha Voigt fell in and out of love with an NBA star, previously of the Boston Celtics.Malissa Satta has dated quite a few footballers in her time and recently she has been dating Ghana international Kevin Prince Boeteng.She was part of that world cup body paint campaign for Sports Illustrated a few years back.It’s like, is it a blessing from God or is it the devil at your door? Show ‘Wags,’ Flourishing As An Athlete’s Lady & Not Giving Life To Haters Last season, the show wasn’t much more than establishing that, in this world, wives are the true gatekeepers to the sports world’s spoils. Well, they better just pray they don’t get traded out of their plush seat at the table. People always take what you say out of context or they’re gonna judge you for what you say, so let [the men] play. For me to talk about it on a public platform for them to blast on ESPN is not my thing.

The reality star girlfriend and her basketball player boyfriend are running strong together and probably be back on ETV's WAGS for another sensational season too.“I want the world to see what I have to offer and who I am, because there’s more to me than just carrying an athlete’s name,” Gates tells VIBE of her decision to join the show.“I wanted to take a chance and see what would come from it.The 28-years-old model has walked for many international ramp shows for Next.Natalie also runs a fashion blog called Jerome with her best friend Olivia Pierson who is also her cousin by birth relation.

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    In summer 2011, he began starring in the co-lead role of Mike Ross in Suits on the basic-cable USA Network, after being fired from the pilot of NBC's Friends With Benefits.

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