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You can see further images in this facebook post here » Back to work after a short holiday break in Spain.

And it’s about to get busy with 3 weddings and a couple of pre-wedding shoots this week.

No truly new species has ever been produced, let alone a new "basic kind." A current leading evolutionist, Jeffrey Schwartz, professor of anthropology at the University of Pittsburgh, has recently acknowledged that: The scientific method traditionally has required experimental observation and replication.

The fact that macroevolution (as distinct from microevolution) has never been observed would seem to exclude it from the domain of true science.

I started the Endangered Alphabets Project in 2010 when I discovered that about a third of the world’s 120-plus writing systems may become extinct within the next one or two generations.

read this articlealphabet Informal is not an adjective that readily comes to mind in describing anything in the type catalogue of New York foundry, Hoefler & Co.

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What we see instead, of course, is an array of distinct "kinds" of plants and animals with many varieties within each kind, but with very clear and -- apparently -- unbridgeable gaps between the kinds.From Soc Free M: Carbohydrates are among the hottest of topics in a consumer market hungry for information on good nutrition.Aaron Mello serves up some answers to some of the many question surrounding this sometimes controversial this articlenew fonts David Ricardo (1772–1823) was a versatile man.A stock trader, politician and, most importantly, an economist.

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